Booking solutions

Zebranet has developed two online booking systems called Book My Class and Book My Events to allow customers to take bookings on-line. Book My Class is designed for people who run courses over multiple sessions, and Book My Events is designed more for ‘one-off’ events (aimed at music venues, conference centres & sporting events). Both of these systems allow your customers to view and book onto events themselves, saving vital time usually spent inputting and managing data.

Book My Class features

Book My Class has been designed and developed with the customer in mind, and it’s more than just a booking form.  Built from the ground up and tested by the people who would actually be using it, Book My Class is a feature-rich management system.

So, what are some of the features?

  • Automatic email notifications to customers.
  • Automatic management of  spaces on a class.
  • Linking with PayPal and other gateways to take payment online.
  • A “traffic light” system so customers and teachers can see the amount of spaces left.
  • A waiting list facility for customers to add their name to.
  • At a glance financial reporting for class costs vs payments.
  • At a glance lists of non-payers.
  • Built in mailshot to individuals, specific classes, groups or venues.
  • Complete customisation of text within e-mails and customer-facing screens.
  • Electronic editable registers and separate teacher logins.
  • Simple, user-friendly interface can be used on any device with an internet connection.
  • All your data is stored on a hosted secure platform (the cost of which is included in the price).

That’s only a few of the many things that Book My Class can do.  Either have a look at our online demo system or get in touch.

Book My Events features

Like Book My Class, Book My Events is a powerful booking and event management solution offering a raft of features.

It differs in the booking process.  Where Book My Class is a single booking for a class or course, Book My Events allows your customer to select multiple events for more than one person and add them to their shopping basket before checking them out in one go.

Book My Events also has the ability to auto-generate tickets to print at home including barcodes or QR codes for scanning and identification at the event itself.

This makes it a very handy system for anyone who runs or manages events.

The system is fully configurable to run with one central administration point for all events, so that you can keep a general overview of activity

The monthly charge is based on the number of users who administer the system or the number of classes/events.  We do not charge a booking fee.  Normally, the booking system is £20 per month, however if you’re part of a franchise then we do multi-user deals which can bring the price of the system to as little as £10 per franchisee per month.

We don’t have a set cost for our systems as each one is just that little bit different. We won’t ever charge more than £25 per month per administrator though.

As we host the site, there’s no need to purchase any additional equipment.

If you don’t already have a website, then we can also arrange to have one designed and built for you by our web design partners.

If you’d like a look at our core demo system, then the details are:

Admin Page:  
Admin Login: 
Admin Password:   mydemo

Customer site:

Have a go and make some test bookings and see how you get on.  Any questions at all, get in touch.

Over 750,000 bookings taken so far ...